Decades of experience, institutional capabilities.


Operational Expertise

Odyssey and its affiliates are vertically integrated to provide maximum control of all processes, safeguard investor and lender capital, and realize efficiencies to deliver the highest possible return on investment.


Odyssey has acted as the developer on over 5,000 multifamily units in Texas and is experienced in all aspects of the business: site selection, pre-planning & zoning, due diligence, purchase agreements, partnership structuring, value engineering, construction oversight, lease-up & marketing, stabilization, operations, and dispositions.

Property/Asset Management

Odyssey has managed over 5,000 multifamily units throughout Texas. Currently, we have over 2,000 units and $200,000,000 in assets under management.

Construction Management/Oversight

Odyssey has either acted as the general contractor or managed the construction process as the developer on over 5,000 units in Texas. This experience allows for tight controls, avoidance of change orders, better value engineering, and more efficient time/budget management.

Investment Types

Odyssey finds where our underserved customers are, and does the hard work to win difficult deals. We excel at complex transactions, and our expertise provides our competitive advantage.

Market Rate

We work diligently to find market rate deals where the risk-adjusted returns make for a compelling opportunity and the pricing leaves value on the table.


We are experts in developing market rate communities which are built & priced to be within reach of the vast majority of the market on an average salary (not rent-controlled).

Conventionally Affordable

Odyssey has been developing affordable housing for decades and has deep knowledge at working with government agencies to facilitate these opportunities.

Technology Focused

Our culture is built around constantly seeking new competitive advantage. Following trends is not enough, we maintain our edge by actively pursuing emerging technologies and integrating them into our methodology.



Delivering great risk adjusted returns while making a positive long term impact.

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